The T5 Adapter

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About The T5 Adapter

t5-retrofit-adapter-solar-energy-usa T5 retrofit adapter technology is an energy efficient lighting solution that will help reduce energy consumption and lower a power bill while also providing higher quality and more natural light.

T5 Lighting is not only a simple and effective way to save money, it’s also eco-responsible. Using the T5 retrofit adapter eliminates the need to replace existing fixtures, saving billions of fixtures and ballasts from going into landfills.

Retrofitting a light fixture, usually T8 or T12 type, takes only minutes. Simply remove the existing bulbs and ballast, straight wire the tombstones, install the T5 adapters, then stand back and enjoy better light with power bill savings!


Diagram of bypassing a T12 or T8 ballast in a fluorescent light fixture retrofit using the T5 adapter:


T5 adapters are available with and without a reflector:


T5 adapters work with 2-foot, 4-foot, and 8-foot light fixtures.

T5 adapters in 2-foot light fixture with acrylic lens:


T5 adapters in a de-lamped 4-foot parabolic light fixture:


T5 adapters in 3-bulb 4-foot light fixture:


8-foot T5 adapter:


The Solar Energy USA 8-foot T5 adapter (pictured at the top of the below image) is one continuous, rigid piece that does not use any screws or brackets for added support. Compared to the other 8-foot T5 adapters pictured below ours, it is clear that no other manufacturer offers such a strong, supportive, and overall high quality 8-foot adapter. Solar Energy USA T5 adapters are also UL Listed.


Unlike T12 and T8 lighting, each T5 adapter has its own electronic ballast built-in and concealed in the center of the adapter:

t5-retrofit-adapter-new-electronic-ballast-ul-listed The electronic ballast operates the T5 lamps at 20 to 60 kHz, which results in reduced flicker and noise as well as increased efficacy compared with standard T8 or T12 ballasts that only operate at 60 kHz.

All T5 adapters have a 5 year warranty with 60,000 hour life expectancy.

Click here to see how quick and easy the T5 retrofit installation is. 4-bulb T12 light fixtures can be retrofitted with 2 T5 adapters in a matter of minutes.